A few days ago, I said that I was going to post about my Wizard101 wizards so it would be easier to find me around the spiral but before I get into that I want to explain their histories. It turns out, allot of them are older than they actually appear ;) READ MORE


Lately I have been working with Wizard101 again and even though I used to know everything about it, it is apparent I have forgotten more than many will ever know about the game. Besides that there are many new areas for me to catch up on I was missing for over a year after all and missed Azteca Aquila, as well as, all of Khrysalis. There is so much more in the game now that I am left feeling like a no.Ob which works I often played myself off as one anyway to avoid beggars, leeches and stalkers. I must admit, being the no.Ob again is awesome :D I get to meet new people make great new friends and have fun following all the new story-lines. READ MORE