Linus Tech Tips: Are Review Sample CPUs Cherry-Picked? $H!T Viewers Say 1

Check out this new Linus Tech Tips video! Link: Engineering samples sent to reviewers perform better than what hits retail shelves, right? Today, we’re going to find out… See the uncut footage for yourself: Receive an additional $25…
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Philip DeFranco: Politicians Blame Video Games for Parkland, Lebron’s Shut Up And Dribble Controversy, & More

Philip DeFranco has published a new PDS video! Link: Lot to talk about today. Shut up and Dribble (00:07 ) Fake Race Baiting Black Panther News (4:21) Politicians Blame Video Games and Movies For Shooting (7:58) Trump Background Checks…
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DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 751

This week in DistroWatch Weekly: Review: DietPi 6.1News: Nitrux packages AppImage, OpenIndiana upgrades compiler, Canonical explores collecting hardware data, Solus experiments with WaylandTechnology review: KDE’s Plasma MobileReleased last week: Zevenet 5.0Torrent corner: Bluestar, Container, IPFire, Live Raizo, Manjaro, ZevenetOpinion poll:…
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