Imperial Shard-400

Wartune: July 2014 Events

Overlord Descent events have arrived! Overlord Descent – World Boss Bounty Duration: 7/17 – 7/23 (Server Time)Servers:R2Games: S1 – S491Kabam: S1 – S100Armor: S1 – S8Description: Participate in a World BOSS battle 5 times to get rewards. Rewards:200,000 EXP100,000 DaruImperial Chest x1Note: This quest can be completed once per day. Overlord Descent – Card Engulfing Duration:… Read More


Wartune: Patch 2.46 Part 4

Wartune 2.46: Part IV has officially arrived and will include the following updates: Dragon Soul - Unleash the dragon within with your very own Dragon Soul! Refined Sylphs - Claim your victories with aid from the light… or the dark. Dragon Soul The Dragon Soul system can be unlocked upon reaching level 40 and successfully completing the “Path to Power”… Read More


Wartune: Patch 2.46 Part 3

Wartune 2.46: Part III has officially arrived and will include the following updates: Gods Descent - Challenge the World BOSSes themselves in one on one duels for rewards! Sylph Refinement - Medusa slithers onto the field of battle! Four new Slyphs enter the game through the new Sylph Refinement system! Gods Descent Gods Descent is Wartune’s newest PvE event… Read More

AJAX-Chat [img] bbCode Error 404 Fix

This is a solution for the [img] bbCode “Error 404 File Not Found!” issue in AJAX-Chat 0.8.7 and below reported earlier today in the AJAX-Chat Google Group. The [img] bbCode can be used to break the auto scrolling feature for everyone if the url used in the tag doesn’t exist. Once a “Error 404 File… Read More


Wartune: Fathers Day 2014 Items

Fathers Day events have arrived! Fathers Day is just around the corner and and Wartune wants to celebrate in style this year. fathers Day brings us red roses, Godfather`s Legacy, secured chests, ​Father’s Love, and the Scarlet Clothing cloaking set! Godfather’s Legacy Duration: 6/6 – 6/8, 6/13 – 6/15 (Server Time) Servers: All Servers. Description: Thousands of… Read More


Wartune: Fathers Day 2014 Events

Fathers Day events have arrived! Fishing Duration: 6/5 – 6/7 23:59 (Server Time)Servers:R2Games: S1 – S474Kabam: S1 – S91Armor: S1 – S8Description: Go fishing the required number of times and be rewarded. Rewards:Go fishing 7 times: 100,000 EXP, Lvl. 1-3 Gem Pack x3, Soul Crystal x10Go fishing 20 times: 150,000 EXP, Lvl. 1-3 Gem Pack x10,… Read More