Misthead’s Spiral Tour: Part Two

Comparison of the Main Quest Lines
of the Wizard101 Worlds

Part 2: Celestia – Zafaria – Avalon – Azteca – Khrysalis

Anyone who has quested through the Spiral has noticed that not every world is the same. Some are much longer than others. Some have more dungeons, while others have more Defeat and Collect quests. This article will add some specific numbers to how the worlds differ from one another. In part 2 we will look at the second arc, so Celestia through Khrysalis.


Quests and Tasks

Little recap from the previous article! As you know, a quest is a series of tasks that have to be completed in order to get xp and advance in the story line. As such, you may have realized some quests have only one task (e.g. talk to Ceren Nightchant), while others might consist of many things (talk + mob + boss + interact + talk).

If this reminds you of my main quest line guides, good! This article is based on the information from my main quest line guides. We have these guides:

Wizard City, Krokotopia, Marleybone, Mooshu, Dragonspyre

Celestia, Zafaria, Avalon Azteca, Khrysalis, Polaris Mirage

Wysteria Grizzleheim Wintertusk


Amount of Main Quests

misthead's spiral tour part 1


The Average World

The “average” world is the world you would get when you calculate the averages of all the worlds in the Spiral. This world is just fictional, it doesn’t exist If you want more detailed explanations of what the “average world” is like, check part one of this series!

misthead's spiral tour part 1



The Second Arc’s Main Quest Line

Misthead’s Spiral Tour: Part Two


Talk Tasks

Just like in part one, the task that takes the largest chunk of our quests is talking. Of the worlds in the first arc, Dragonspyre had the least talking tasks: 44%. Two worlds of the second arc dip even lower than that, with only 38% talking in Celestia and 41% talking in Azteca. Celestia is in fact the world in the whole Spiral where you do the least talking! This comes with an increase in interact and collect tasks.

If you ask me, Avalon is the perfect world for talking, as exactly 50% of the tasks there are talk tasks. I love this world also because of the content of the talking, as there are many Monty Python references in Avalon. The musical references in Zafaria are cool too though!


Explore Tasks

The amount of explore tasks in each world of the second arc is higher than in the first arc. Khrysalis has the most of them: 17% of all the tasks in this world are explore tasks. While Khrysalis is super long, it’s still rewarding to get the “task complete” sound just for entering areas. Do any of you remember the quest in Khrysalis where you follow a mouse until it goes into a cave where you fight it? I kind of liked that quest xD It’s similar to the chase after Meowiarty in Marleybone.

Avalon has 14% exploration tasks, Zafaria and Azteca have 13% each and Celestia has 11%. This means none of these worlds are anywhere near Polaris yet, which has 24% explore tasks.


Interact Tasks

Misthead’s Spiral Tour: Part TwoInteract tasks are tasks where you have to press x close to a certain object. While in the first arc the amount of interact tasks keeps going up (1% -> 3% -> 10% -> 14% -> 22%), in the second arc they go down again. Celestia continues the upward trend with 30% interact quests, but then we take a dip with 19% interact quests in Zafaria, 16% in Avalon, 15% in Azteca and 14% in Khrysalis. This downward spiral continues into the third arc as well, as you will see in part 3.

At this point in your questing journey, you’ve surely thought about how we can fit all those huge items into our backpacks to bring them to the people that asked for them. Azteca takes that to the extreme, with the GIANT statue in Mangrove Marsh and the wonderful Azure Moon Stone. Check out that last link, it explains so much!


Collect Tasks

By collect tasks I mean the following: “interact tasks where you interact with more than 2 of the same item in a row”. I had forgotten that Celestia had so many of them: 3% of the main quest tasks in Celestia are collect tasks! It sure felt like a lot when I recently quested through Celestia after a pause of several years. The pieces of coral in the Grotto were the most annoying, as I kept getting pulled into battle. Some of the things that you need to collect do respawn very quickly, which I felt very happy about in the Science Center.

Zafaria and Avalon didn’t have ANY collect tasks according to my main quest line guide, which seems suspicious. I must have missed some there, right?!

Azteca has 5% collect tasks, making it the world in the Spiral with the biggest percentage of collect tasks. There’s the mushrooms and the Fire Quetzal cages in Cenote, the Orbs of Natron in Mangrove Marsh, the Moon Flowers in Saltmeadow Swamp, the Sea Cucumbers in Pitch Block Lake etc. It’s been a while since I last quested in Azteca, but 5% sounds like a lot, if the 3% in Celestia already felt tedious.

In Khrysalis you have 1% of collect tasks. The only one I remember of those is the one in Fort Rachias where you destroy 5 shadow weapons. They were nice weapons!


Mob Tasks

Misthead’s Spiral Tour: Part Two

Avalon has the least mob battles: only 4% of all the tasks are the kind where you have to defeat a mob. I remember actually liking the mob battles in Avalon. They were rare enough for me to like doing them!

Celestia and Zafaria each h ave 8% mob battles, while Azteca has 10% and Khrysalis 11%. I’d say we go back to the way it was in Avalon, please?


Defeat & Collect Tasks

Now we get to the part you’re probably most interested in, if you’re interested at all! Defeat and Collect tasks can make us very frustrated, which was especially the case in Zafaria. Since the release, Kingisle has reduced these quests, to the point where it didn’t feel half that bad last time I did it! However, please note that Zafaria only has 5% D&C tasks! The problem in Zafaria wasn’t exactly the amount of D&Cs, but rather that it was so common not to collect anything battle after battle.

Celestia has the most Defeat and Collect tasks in the second arc: 7%. The ones I dislike the most are in the Science Center. It’s bad enough that you don’t always collect, but do these D&C mobs really have to be mixed with OTHER mobs? It’s very frustrating to only get ONE mob creature of the correct type and three useless ones.

Avalon has 6% of D&C tasks, Azteca 5% and Khrysalis 4%. Spoiler for part 3: the downward trend continues in Mirage and Polaris, yay!


Boss Tasks

In the second arc Avalon and Azteca tie for first place with 9% boss tasks. That’s nothing compared to Krokotopia with 24% bosses, if you remember from part 1 of this series. Celestia has 8% boss tasks and Khrysalis 6%. I liked the amount of bosses in all these worlds, no complaints from me!

In addition to regular bosses, you also have cheating bosses and battles with multiple bosses. From Celestia till Azteca, we have a consistent 1% of cheating bosses. In Khrysalis there’s an increase to 2% cheater tasks. Part 3 of this series will reveal that Mirage takes the cake with the biggest amount of cheating bosses, but you’ll have to wait for that for a while!

Complex battles are battles where you face several bosses at once, or even several cheaters. This is the case at the very end of Zafaria, in Mirror Lake. Zafaria is quite simple when it comes to bosses, with only 4% boss battles and 1% cheaters. Mirror Lake is our first contact with battles with several bosses while questing. You could say it’s our second encounter, because there’s Waterworks at level 60, but since Waterworks isn’t in the main quest line, it doesn’t show up in my data.

Azteca has 1% complex battles, which comes down to three battles with a double boss: one in Cloudburst Forest, one in Pitch Black Lake and one in Twin Giants. While you do face two bosses in these battles, none of them cheat, so I don’t even remember these.

Khrysalis also has 1% of complex battle tasks, which means eight battles. One of these battles is against the 4 Deep Spawns in the Starfall Sea (the amount of them differs based on how many wizards are doing the instance). Those guys were STRONG Storm creatures! You fight two of them again in Ruined Alcazar. The last five complex battles are in the Shadow Palace. In these you don’t only fight multiple bosses at once, but they cheat! Quite the shock when it’s the first time you do this! It starts with the doom tree, which I absolutely love. After that, you face a double cheat three times in the Galleries: Kravenly the Hunter + Ghost Dog, Balor the Broken Fang + Santa Muerte and then Archmagus Lorcan + Lord Ombra. After that there’s Morganthe herself still! These complex battles form an excellent ending to a way too long world.


Puzzle Tasks

Sadly, puzzle tasks are rare in the second arc. In Celestia, you have four in the final instance, Sanctum of the Sun. Honestly, I still don’t know the solution to one of them, I just keep pressing x here and there until it says the puzzle is completed. I love the one where you open the chests and bring the swords to the statues. There’s also the small puzzle in the Stellarium.

In Zafaria, you have the one puzzle task in the quest So You Think You Can Drum, which is lovely as well! It took some arguing the first time to agree who would complete the puzzle, but that’s usually the case with puzzles, isn’t it?

Avalon has two puzzle tasks; one in the Wild and one in the Wyrd. The one in the Wild, inside White Owl Tower, is another one of my favorites. It’s the one where you have to put together a potion by selecting the correct ingredients. I’ve messed it up a couple of times, but it’s just a lovely task. The other one in Avalon is lovely as well! (Who am I kidding, they are ALL lovely! I love puzzle tasks!) It’s the one inside the Tomb of the Nameless, where the clues are on a tapestry on the wall and hidden on items inside the room.

Azteca and Khrysalis have zero puzzles, if I can believe my main quest guides. Misthead == sad.



The second arc gets harder the further you get, with more cheaters and more complex battles. It’s interesting to see how the different task types develop through the worlds. It’s been ages since I quested through these worlds, so I only had vague memories about these quests. It was nice to refresh my memory while writing this article!


Was anything a surprise in this article?
Let us know in the comments!

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