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We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Kali Linux 2017.3, which includes all patches, fixes, updates, and improvements since our last release. In this release, the kernel has been updated to 4.13.10 and it includes some notable improvements:

In addition to the new kernel and all of the updates and fixes we pull from Debian, we have also updated our packages for ReaverPixieWPSBurp SuiteCuckooThe Social Engineering Toolkit, and more. Take a look at the Kali Changelog to see what else has been updated in this release, or read on to see what else is new.

New Tool Additions

Since our last release in September, we’ve added four new tools to the distribution, most of which focus on the always-lucrative open source information gathering. These new tools are not included in the default installation but after an ‘apt update’, you can check out and install the ones that interest you. We, of course, think they’re all interesting and hope you do as well.


InSpy is a small but useful utility that performs enumeration on LinkedIn and can find people based on job title, company, or email address.


The oft-requested CherryTree has now been added to Kali for all of your note-taking needs. CherryTree is very easy to use and will be familiar to you if you’ve used any of the “big-name” note organization applications.


Sublist3r is a great application that enables you to enumerate subdomains across multiple sources at once. It has integrated the venerable SubBrute, allowing you to also brute force subdomains using a wordlist.


Another excellent OSINT tool that has been added to the repos is OSRFramework, a collection of scripts that can enumerate users, domains, and more across over 200 separate services.

Massive Maltego Metamorphosis

One of our favourite applications in Kali has always been Maltego, the incredible open-source information gathering tool from Paterva, and the equally incredible Casefile. These two applications had always been separate entities (get it?) but as of late September, they are now combined into one amalgamated application that still allows you to run Maltego Community Edition and Casefile, but now it also works for those of you with Maltego Classic or Maltego XL licenses. As always, the tools perform wonderfully and look great doing it.

Maltego Product Selection

Maltego Machine Results

Get the Goods

As usual, we have updated our standard ISO images, VMware and VirtualBox virtual machines, ARM images, and cloud instances, all of which can be found via the Kali Downloads page.

If you find any bugs, please open a ticket on our bug tracker. We keep an eye on social media but there is no substitute for a well-written bug report and many bugs that get reported to us end up getting fixed in Debian, which then benefits all of its derivatives.

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