Pirate101 Game Improvements

Pirate101 Game Improvements

Pirate101 Game Improvements

Pirate101 just turned five years older but that hasn’t kept me away from playing it every day (even more than wiz despite its recent update). I can’t seem to get sick of an MMO with such an intense story line. Pirate101 keeps me entertained and begging for more thrilling well-written content. If you haven’t picked up on it, yes, I’m in love with pirate101. I wish for it to unleash its hidden potential. With pirate on its way to becoming six years old, I wanted to take my time to share my Pirate101 wish list. I urge others in the pirate community to help by sharing their ideas as well. Kingsisle already knows we want story content, so please lets hold back on those type of comments and comment with some burning desire you have.

My List:

More Bundles and Gauntlets please?

I see wizard bundles coming out every now and then and when you compare the amount that Pirate101 has released, it always stings. I hope they consider adding world themed bundles, since I wouldn’t mind purchasing a cool ranch, a monquistan or even a valencian bundle, that I could proudly call my own.


I recently picked up on a hybrid buccaneer set. I have noticed that – although I could use weapons that offer shooty/slashy – I find myself desiring to use a smashy weapon. That way I can utilize the bonus damage that comes with it. Smashy/shooty weapens exist but there is a huge difference. I hope pirate can go back and add this form of weaponry one day.

An Improved Pet System

I enjoy the fact that pets are way more useful in pirates than in wizard. However, I hate how difficult it is and long it takes to get the exact talents you want. I hope that they add in an option to play mini games to level up our pets. I also hope for a way to reduce the RNG that goes into creating the pets we desire.

Less Reskins

I think it is about time that we were given the option to dye our pets and mounts any certain colors we want. Having the option to buy the same pet and mount in different colors for crowns just drains resources.

Pirate101 Game ImprovementsMember Benefits!

There is only 1 benefit I really care about at the moment. That would have to be getting back my practice points for free. I’ve done at least 5 resets and you can imagine how many crowns that took. I suggest making the buy back free for 1 week after the pvp season resets for anyone who did a minimal of 3 ranked matches.

More PvP Balances

I hope there is a fix to people who boost in PvP and a fix to charm to help aid witchdoctors in PvP. I’d also like to see new and creative strategies that don’t revolve around using some champ weapon or crazy RNG that ends the entire match too quickly.

PvP Spectating

I think it’s time that we finally got to check out our friends duke it out in pvp! I have to live stream my matches for my friends to see and it gets annoying really fast.

These are all the ideas for now so again, please help us compile this list!

Tell us the little things in your pirate’s life you want!

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