DuelCircle’s 2017 Christmas Clash Tournament

DuelCircle’s 2017
Christmas Clash Tournament

We want to thank those of you who participated in our casual PvP Christmas Clash last Saturday! We loved hanging out with all of you. However, some people were disappointed that there wasn’t an actual tournament in which to test yourself against other people. For those people, we have good news!

Duelcircle’s Christmas Clash 2017 1v1 PvP Tournament:
Get ready to compete against other skilled players!

The goal of DuelCircle‘s tournament is to test the deck building skills rather than overall skill in PvP. As such, certain cards can be restricted, the battle environment can be changed, or other staff members can be added to cast spells at certain points. There are 6 rounds with 6 different and unique “gamemodes”. This means there will be different rules you’ll have to follow in every round! The following video shows an example of a rule set.


Date and Time

The event which will be held on Friday, December 29th and Saturday, December 30th starting at 2PM EST/11AM PST. 


General rules

You can read all the rules here, but these are the most important ones:

  1. You can enter when you’re level 100-125.
  2. The tournament will have a minimum of 32 players to a maximum of 64 players
  3. Each match will have a different set of game conditions. Players will have 30 minutes to build decks, enchant treasure cards and choose gear around the specific rules for that match.
  4. The winner of the match will advance to the next round in the bracket. The loser will be permanently dropped from the tournament.
  5. Semi-Finals and Finals will be held in best-of-three format. Players win matches by winning at least two games out of three.
  6. Matches will continue until a winner is decided.
  7. Shadow-Enhanced Spells and Shadow Shrike are banned!
  8. Dropped/Crafted/Pack spells are limited to 3 per game.



Of course, there will be various prizes to the participants and viewers of the tournament! Thanks to Kingsisle and Friendly Necromancer for sponsoring DuelCircle’s 2017 Christmas Clash Tournament!

There are many kinds of prizes. First, crowns prizes: 1st place get’s 60k Crowns, 2nd get’s 20k Crowns, 3rd and 4th get 10k Crowns, 5th-8th placed get’s 2.5k Crowns.

There are also other prizes such as Empowers provided by @CalebSilvah. There is custom art work done by Sophia Dream, Marsi, and JaliSkyx, various small prizes such as Beckett wands, and of course every who show up for all of their matches will receive a limited edition, ultra rare, Scepter of Tribute™. Viewers will be able to get codes from watching the stream or random code drops from our Twitter.



You can sign up to participate in the tournament at this link: signups.  If you wish to volunteer to help in the event, you can signup to be a referee here. Note: if you sign up as a referee you can’t be a participant in the tournament.

If you can’t participate, but want to see some of the awesome matches, many of them will be streamed live with commentary! You can watch the streams from here: ift.tt/2oADkvM.






If you have any questions that you can’t find the answer to on the website, you can contact the organizers either through Twitter @duelcircle_pvp or email at [email protected]!

Go sign up today!

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