Duelist101’s 20 Bundle Days Recap

Duelist101’s 20 Bundle Days Recap

With this post, we want to thank everyone who participated in the 20 bundle days. It was awesome to get to hear from our readers a little more than we usually do. Some people that have lurked forever finally got out of their shell! We appreciate the effort all of you put into your entries for each and every day.

Here, we want to share some of our favorite winners and other submissions in this post. We think the whole community should see these! We’re not sharing everything we got here for multiple reasons. Firstly, some people haven’t explicitly given us permission to do so. Secondly, this is not a full report on the 20 bundle days, but just an overview of the most important things.


Day 2:
Cool Guide Idea

We got many cool guide ideas! In fact, we’ve received 77 ideas when you combine day 2 and day 13. Thank you so much to everyone who contributed! We compiled all of them in a document the whole crew can see. That way, we can choose one from your list when we un out of inspiration to write! We will try to credit the person suggesting the guide when we use your ideas.

If you ever have an idea you really would like to see on Duelist101, you can email us later as well. Another option is writing the guide yourself in the Duelist101 community! We try to feature the best community articles on the main site.

Day 4:
  A Little Haiku or Poem
about our Beloved Ambrose

You guys sent many great poems and haikus to us! It was hard to choose, but in the end, Maddie was chosen as the winner! The kind-of pajamas was a nice touch xD

Ambrose Appreciate Application with Alliteration
We love you Ambrose,
Duelist101's 20 Bundle Days Recap This much is true,
But when it comes to remembering our name,
You don’t seem to have a clue.
But that doesn’t matter,
For we still fight for you,
Because when it’s you against Malistaire,
Together we slew!
Not to mention your sidekick, Gamma,
With her cute little hat,
Matching your kind-of pajamas.
I quite love that!
– Maddie H


Day 5:
“Why I play Wizard101/Pirate101”

Isaac‘s gaming history is nice to read. Like so many people, he started playing wizard101 after an advertisement caught his attention.

Boris LifeShard confesses that every time he thinks about it, he finds it harder and harder to tell why he plays w101. He does come up with some great reasons though!

Nathan really likes the tiny bears that waddle around in Northguard. Can’t argue with that, they are truly hilarious!

David PearlSmith plays both games. He has different reasons for both of the games, of course. I like how he doesn’t pick a favorite!

Yuri the Ghost just really loves Wizard101!



Day 8:
“Good match!”

We got 32 entries of people saying “Good match!” in a PvP battle. While this was nice to see, we hope you continue this good habit when you’re PvPing. Sportmanship is important. Our Arena will be a less toxic environment if you start being proactive and saying “gg” even when you’re not all that happy with how the match went.

Duelist101's 20 Bundle Days Recap



Day 11:
“My Thoughts about PvP”

David PearlSmith realizes there are some problems with ranked PvP, but keeps a positive attitude regardless. Testing yourself against others is one of the things he likes about it.

Ian GhostHunter is experienced in Death PvP. He recognizes that Death isn’t a top tier school in the higher level range, but he still loves Death Minotaur and Headless Horseman.

Groot talks about PvP from his perspective as “an amateur”. He goes over some of the things that currently are keeping people from getting excited about PvP.

Boris LifeShard also decided to talk about what changes he’d like to see in PvP in the future. He’s been PvPing for a long time!


James EarthWalker has a couple of things that could use some change in PvP in his opinion.


Day 15:
“My New Spell Idea”

Brecken Winter invented this new Myth spell called “the Wumpus“, with a genius description of what the quest to get it would be like.

Yuri the Ghost really really wishes you could control your minions. As such, he invented a spell called “Under Control“, which would allow us to control a minion for a couple of rounds.

James Earthwalker has many excellent ideas for both mechanic changes and aesthetic changes to existing spells. KI should definitely take a look at these!

Tatiana DeathFlame’s description of what her new Life spell “Queen of Hearts” would look like is amazing!

Boris LifeShard came up with an Ice spell called “Black Knight“! I would definitely like to cast this spell, it sounds wonderful!

David PearlSmith’s Triclops spell would also make a great spell!



Day 16:
Most Epic PvP Battle Story

When we read Tom’s entry, it immediately felt like a winner. While we did ask for your most epic PvP battle STORY, we weren’t quite expecting a story with quality like this. We got a couple of other applications that also had a “story” vibe to it but, in the end, Tom came out victorious with this fun match.

Death stared me straight in the eyes when the begun. As the match started my eyes glared straight down to the feet of my enemy to reveal their shadow pip. I stood there frozen in fear for I knew glowbugs was coming right at me straight off the bat. I shook my head and got these thoughts out of my head and became determined to battle my way to victory. My fear has become a reality as glowbugs strikes me for 2800 of my health.
With half my health on and him without pips I focused my power and unleashed a critical landed burning rampage. He did not block. He was being eaten alive very quickly by the demons circling his feet. He attempted to block the fatal hit of the rampage by putting up a shield. I foresaw such actions and played a fire beetle to take off the shield and to add extra damage to my rampage.  Rampage deals 3200 damage to him leaving him in a trance. With hardly any of his health left he unleashed a chain of powerfully struck wild bots with the first dealing a devastating 1400 damage. The damage was so powerful it had left me dazed and weakened.
With only one card left in my sights I knew I had to make this decision. It was life or death. My hand drew blanks, only covered in shields for the wrong school and blades. However… there was one hope. I took my chance and unleashed the FIREY JUSTICE of IMMOLATE. Dealing 600 to myself killing me in the process and dealing 1600 to him killing him in the process too. We both stagger to the ground as we have absolutely battered the lives out of eachother. lets set the world on fire 5
Neither man came away the winner that night, but we did walk away with a hell of a lot of respect for eachother…
– Tom Waterman 


Day 17:
A Drawing of Diego the Duelmaster

This day was HARD! It was truly difficult to pick a winner from this, as so many of you put great effort into this drawing. Michael Dragonrider eventually won with this drawing:

I asked the other people for permission to share their drawings with the world, and the following people gave permission. Click the image to see a bigger version!


Nicholas Skystrider

Jennifer Fireeyes


Suri Emerald @artsymarsi

Boris LifeShard

John IceTalon



Day 18:
Singing Contest

The winners of the singing contest were Nathan and Jason, who worked together to create this masterpiece. Jason sang. Nathan played the piano, and composed all of the lyrics and piano accompaniment. Nathan warns that his piano is lacking a pedal, because it is an electric keyboard. Therefore, it can sound quite choppy. It would have sounded phenomenal on an actual piano, he assures us. We loved this song!



Day 19:
“My favorite world in Wizard101”

Christopher Deathwalker‘s favorite world is Wizard City! It’s the start of our adventures in the Spiral and brings back fond memories of being a new player.

Trevor Emerald has opinions on ALL the worlds! Some he really likes, some not so much. Azteca seems to be his favorite.

Isaac thinks an Africa themed world is awesome, so he loves Zafaria. Among other things he loves the traditions, the furniture and the landscapes.

Brecken Winter has a special place in her heart for Marleybone. She loves the Marleybonian fashion as well as the storyline’s references to the mafia.



Thank you so much to everyone who participated. It was thrilling to see your submissions come in and to read your opinions. I love that we got so much feedback through this event.

Last but not least: thank you for learning how to use the community. Please keep writing there. We love reading your articles. Perhaps you’ll even get featured for this on the main site!


Thank you to all the participants!

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