The Cloaked Feint Glitch Revealed

The Cloaked Feint Glitch

Recently in Wizard 101’s pvp arena, people have noticed and attempted to take advantage of a particular type of glitch. This glitch involves the combination of the spells cloak and feint. This cloaked feint effect seemed to confer an advantage to the caster-supposedly removing the self-trap portion of feint. However, looks are often deceiving, as we shall soon see.

What the glitch appears to do

The nature of this glitch is that when a cloaked feint is used, the self-trap portion appears not to have been cast. In other words. a cloaked feint looks like a cloaked regular trap to anyone in the duel circle. This seems to offer 2 distinctive advantages to the caster. For one, the enemy is completely unaware that the trap cast on them is a feint, which can lead to an unexpected combo or even an OHKO. The second benefit is that the user no longer appears to cast the self-trap that is the hallmark of feint. Obviously, many pvp players have attempted to take advantage of this and cloaked feint has become a lot more popular in the arena. However, all is not as it seems.

What the glitch actually does

Unfortunately for cloaked feint aficionados, all is not as it appears. Here at Duelist 101, we tested the feint and cloak interaction to see exactly what was going on. It turns out that what is happening is nothing more than a display glitch.

From our testing, it seems that (despite appearances to the contrary) feint’s self-trap does indeed get placed. Any incoming damage from the opponent will still receive the 30% boost from the self-trap.  What is really interesting about this, however, is that the game will not display this damage boost on screen. The damage will appear as the unboosted damage when your attack hits. However, the game will “catch up” at the end of the round and add the damage correctly.

This can be seen when you look at the health of the character on the next round. The damage will have been correctly registered there. This can also lead to the interesting scenario where the caster appears to survive an attack but then dies a few seconds later. What is actually occurring, in this case, is that the caster actually dies but the game displays as if they didn’t. However, the game quickly “catches up” and corrects the visual error, seemingly killing the caster who “survived” the attack. A full video of the glitch testing can be seen below.

Have you noticed any other glitches in PvP? Let us know in the comments below!

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