Kings Isle Entertainment: KI Live (February 15, 2018 at 05:01PM EST)

Kings Isle Entertainment is now streaming: Wizard101 and Pirate101

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Redeem Codes:

Our February 2018 KI Live is now loaded up to YouTube! Enjoy and thanks for watching:

The first 2000 to redeem the code ‘StrangeLove’ will get a free Thunder snake pet in Wizard101 and three free Rose Bushes in Pirate101. We’ll add another 2000 when we upload to YouTube.

Q: @JellyQuin - @Wizard101 @Pirate101 what mount (already created or not) would you love to see in each game?
A: Tom - Giant Steampunk Rooster Mount. Leah – Shark/Rubber Ducky Mounts. If I could create a mount that doesn’t exist it would be… a BIG EEL, but…maybe a dolphin?

Q: @1LuckyPirate - Hey remember the pillow fight in skull island a few years ago? Can we get another collect challenge like that again? It was actually pretty fun.
A: DONE! Let’s do another Pillow Fight! Look for details over social media before the next KI Live.

Q: @Alex_Shortstaff - We did wiz now I want to know, what is the most popular pirate class per region?
A: Pirate101’s overall favorite class is Swashbuckler; however, there’s a bit less and a bit more variety when it comes to the number 2 position. The pic shows the second fav.

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