Kings Isle Entertainment: KI Live (February 15, 2018 at 05:01PM EST)

Kings Isle Entertainment is now streaming: Wizard101 and Pirate101

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Redeem Codes:

KI Live is this Thursday at 4pm CT on! Ask your gameplay questions using the #AskKI hashtag and we'll select a set of them to answer on the show! #Wizard101 #Pirate101

Next week's KI Live has been announced! We continue our Wizard101 10th Anniversary celebration, and more, this Sep. 27 at 4pm Central! W101:, P101: #KILive #Wizard101 #Pirate101 #AnimalCove #WarGoonz #Twitch

Missed last week's KI Live? Watch it now on YouTube! We cover Wizard101's 10th Anniversary, updates to Pirate101, Animal Cove's global launch, and more! #KILive #Wizard101 #Pirate101 #AnimalCove

Hi Wizards! If you are not able to redeem the birthday quest reward, please try again later. The process is on a cooldown and only so many can redeem it in an instance at one time. Thanks for your patience while we work to adjust the quest! #Wizard101

The first 2000 to redeem the code “DragonTribal” will get free Dragon’s Hoard Pack in Wizard101 and a free Tribal Crew CCG Pack in Pirate101 -- We’ll add another 2000 when we upload to YouTube.

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