Linus Tech Tips: Fortnite is bigger than PUBG – WAN Show Mar. 9 2018

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Timestamps Courtesy of Jesse Ferguson 1

2:00 – Intro
2:35 – Linus Cat Tips passes 100k subscribers
8:45 – NCIX Tech Tips Silver Play Button Controversy
14:25 – LinusTechTips and the future of NCIX Tech Tips
28:15 – Sponsor: Squarespace
29:33 – Sponsor: Savage Jerky
31:37 – Sponsor: Freshbooks
32:40 – LTX18 Ad
34:07 – Floatplane News/Releases
36:55 – Floatplane Hiring
39:06 – A robot created to be a hamburger chef
45:58 – Newegg customers in Connecticut were not charged sale taxes.
52:09 – McAfee acquires VPN company TunnelBear
54:45 – Coffee Lake reportedly working on modded 100/200 series motherboards
1:00:10 – Fortnite watched more on Twitch over PUBG
1:05:25 – A drone crashes in Arizona and causes a wildfire
1:07:08 – Rhode Island proposing a bill for ISP’s to block pornography unless you pay a fee

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