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Linus Tech Tips: CUTTING OPEN A LASER KEYSWITCH! – Bloody Gaming LK Switch Showcase

Check out this new Linus Tech Tips video! Link: youtu.be/-637MX1MCy0 B975 Full Size – geni.us/07YO B945 Game Changer – geni.us/A4aq B930 Ten-Keyless – geni.us/fPcgvW Thanks to Bloody Gaming for sponsoring this video! Use code TECHTIPS for 25% off the all-new…
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Philip DeFranco: WOW! New Copyright Scandal Info Revealed, Trump “Animals”, Kardashian Backlash & More

Philip DeFranco has published a new PDS video! Link: youtu.be/iIWpwQBQnS0 Let me know your thoughts on all of today’s stories in the comments! Sign up for Postmates use code “PDS” and get $100 Free Delivery Credit: PostDeFranco.com Join DeFranco Elite…
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