Hello world!

Welcome to gWorldz.com, for years I have worked on starting a website that allows me and my friends to connect and share. This time I decided to try something a little less complicated and easier to manage and develop. The blog will allow me to post about my interests on many different topics and will not have a primary target. Over the years interests will come and go hopefully and we will expand and open categories as we go.

As of right now my primary interest is art and working with Photoshop as graphic design, Web and site development, entertainment (movies music and television), gaming news, playing/developing Role playing Games and random rants that can be about most anything lol

For those interested in what’s under the hood the site platform is WordPress and at the time it was launched, we were using version 3.8.1 In the future I plan to add more features and plugins, to make sharing easier and just have some fun. I will post the tweaks and mods made to the platform in the development category along the way just in case others are interested in applying similar tweaks to their own sites.

So anyway, hope for the best, and wish me luck. I hope everyone gets something useful out of the blog or at least finds it entertaining and enjoyable :D

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  1. Mr WordPress

    Hi, this sounds great.
    Good luck with your blog, it sounds like its going to be something special. I can’t wait to see what you all do with the site and where it goes 😀

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