ExplainingComputers: Top 10 Free Windows Utilities

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Link: youtu.be/SmkUxr6XADM

Free Windows utilities for media playback, drive management, file recovery — and other things! Links to all of the utilities on my list are as follows (and no peeking until you have watched the video!):

VeraCrypt: ift.tt/2r8nsRB

NoteTab Light: ift.tt/2FGI0Jf

Etcher: ift.tt/2RsT4e1

SD Memory Card Formatter: ift.tt/1eDZhQN

Macrium Reflect Free Edition: ift.tt/2n3SRi5

MP3Tag: ift.tt/2FFIkIa

AngryIP Scanner: ift.tt/2r67gyp

VLC Media Player: ift.tt/2rf3gw6

Irfan View: ift.tt/1J7fBBM

Recuva: ift.tt/2qxEAgR

All of the above links are provided in good faith as legitimate download sources, but you should always exercise caution when downloading and installing free applications.

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