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Deepin 15.8 is the latest release of Deepin 15 series. this release brings several changes and updates, features the latest deepin desktop environment (DDE) which the dock In fashion mode, a hide/show button is added in the new designed dock tray.

The new control center, the weather page, system widgets and bottom tools are removed and the layout is redesigned to improve the efficiency.

the transparency setting is added in Personalization module for adjusting the transparency of control center, dock and launcher mini mode to beautify deepin desktop. The new splendid theme is added to deepin 15.8 boot menu, bringing users a wonderful experience from deepin starts.

The dark icon theme is added to match with the dark theme of Deepin File Manager, making your window cool and elegant. The new “Full Disk Encryption” function is added in deepin 15.8 ISO installation to offer another anti-theft measures along with the user password, thus to ensure data safe and secure on the hard disk.

Deepin File Manager is improved with new “Recent” function which supports quickly find the recently used files and can be hidden in Settings.

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