Kings Isle Entertainment: KI Live (January 31, 2019 at 05:02PM EST)

Kings Isle Entertainment is now streaming: Wizard101 and Pirate101

Click here to watch on Twitch!!
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KI Live is next week! Get ready for a special celebration to prepare for #Pirate101's upcoming birthday. The show begins September 26th at 4pm on #Twitch! #KILive

Missed KI Live last week? Watch it now on YouTube! We kicked off celebrations for #Wizard101's 11th birthday!

Redeem the code “BDAYBALLONS2019” until 6 PM CT today to get a free 7-day rental Birthday Balloons Mount in Wizard101 AND Pirate101. We’ll add another 1000 uses when we upload to YouTube! #KILive

Q - Lady Shy: “Are there any plans for more housing space in the future (more than 350)? With these wonderful, big houses you give us, I need more spaces to decorate with!”

Q - ChrisTheNecromancer: “What's your favorite moments in the past year of KILive like holidays etc during live streams?”

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