DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 800

This week in DistroWatch Weekly: Review: FreeNAS 11.2News: Using Ubuntu Studio as an add-on, Nitrux developing a tool to manage multiple distributions, Mint experimenting with new Cinnamon featuresQuestions and answers: Matching operating systems with file systemsReleased last week: OPNsense 19.1, Tails 3.12, Alpine 3.9.0Torrent corner: 4MLinux, Alpine, Container, LibreELEC, Makulu, OPNsense, Slax, SmartOS, SWagArch, SystemRescueCd, Tails, VoyagerUpcoming releases: Ubuntu 18.04.2Opinion poll: Do you have a NAS for home/personal use?New additions: Condres OSNew distributions: Unknown OSReader commentsRead more in this week’s issue of DistroWatch Weekly….

from DistroWatch.com: DistroWatch Weekly bit.ly/2GjGrzz

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