Wartune: Patch 2.46 Part 3

Wartune 2.46: Part III has officially arrived and will include the following updates:

  • Gods Descent – Challenge the World BOSSes themselves in one on one duels for rewards!
  • Sylph Refinement – Medusa slithers onto the field of battle! Four new Slyphs enter the game through the new Sylph Refinement system!

Gods Descent

gods descent.png

Gods Descent is Wartune’s newest PvE event available to players level 60 and up, where players challenge various BOSSes. As you defeat the BOSSes, they will increasingly become more difficult, offering greater rewards. Defeated BOSSes cannot be challenged again. To begin challenging, click the Gods Descent icon located left of the mini-map in-game. For every World BOSS you defeat, you will be rewarded with Star Sand, bundles of Gold and points. Players to kill a particular World BOSS first will also be rewarded with Star Tear Shards and an even greater amount of points. These points determine the Gods Descent rankings. The higher your ranking, the greater your reward. Point Ranking rewards include Will Crystal Shards, which are used to synthesize Will Crystals in the Forge panel. Special rankings may also receive a lucky prize. Lucky prizes will be given to different ranks every event. For more information on the lucky prize, click the Point Rewards button in the Gods Descent panel.

When a player challenges a BOSS but fails to defeat it, the BOSS’ HP will not regenerate for a certain amount of time. For example, a player challenges a BOSS and manages to get the BOSS’ HP down to 50% before failure. If the player challenges the BOSS again within the countdown time, the BOSS’ HP will be at 50% at the beginning of the second battle. Once the countdown ends, the BOSS’ HP will recover to full value. Players can spend Balens to extend countdown time while it’s still counting down. During the event, players may remain online for a certain amount of time to recover challenge attempts until the daily limit is reached. Attempts reset daily. Players may also purchase additional challenge attempts upon running out.

Point Ranking Notes

  • If more than one player has the same number of points, then Battle Rating will determine the ranking.
  • If Battle Ratings are the same, then character levels will determine the ranking.
  • If character levels are the same, then character experience will determine the ranking.

Sylph Refinement

blueman2.gif dog-thing2.gif

Athena envies their beauty; Poseidon reveres them. Who are they? They’re the latest Sylphs Wartune has to offer: Medusa, Triton, Cerberus, and Hercules!


  • Sylph must be level 60+ and of purple quality or above.
  • Character level should be Lvl. 70+ for Medusa and Triton.

Refining Materials
Star Tears – There are 6 kinds of Star Tears, based on element types. Players can earn them from Sky Trail or through synthesizing them in the Blacksmith with Star Tear Shards.
Star Sand – Basic material for sylph refinement which can be earned from Sky Trail.


  1. Open the refinement tab within the Sylph panel; choose the sylph you want to refine. If all refinement requirements have been met, players will be able to preview the refined version of the sylph on the panel.
  2. After refinement, the new sylph will inherit the old sylph’s level and skills. However quality and aptitude will be inherited according to a ratio. Balens can be spent to fully inherit the old sylph’s quality and aptitude.
  3. If the old sylph’s quality and aptitude are not fully inherited, then the new sylph’s blessing will decrease by 20% of the old sylph’s. If fully inherited, then blessing won’t decrease.
  4. The new sylph has a higher aptitude limit and more powerful skills.

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