Nerdforge: Making THE TOME OF FIRE – EPIC Leatherbound Book

Another Nerdforge book binding tutorial!

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Today we’re bookbinding the Tome of Fire in red leather, the first of four books with an Elementalist theme!

– 1 mm vegetable tanned goat leather
– 48 sheets A3 sized sketchbook paper (110 gsm)
– Coffee and baking soda for staining the paper
– 2 sheets A3 black paper as end sheets (140 gsm)
– Waxed thread:
– Hemp / jute cord for stitching:
– Gold corner decorations:
– Similar corner protectors:
– Leather cord for headbands:
– Embroidery thread for headbands:
– Brass buckles:
– Similar satin ribbon markers:
– Linen cloth for covering the spine
– Leather stain, red and black
– Greaseproof parchment paper
– 3 mm wooden fiberboard covers
– Faux gold leaf

– Basic leather crafting
– Leather stitching kit:
– Awl:
– Swivel knife:
– Leather hole punch:
– Leather cap rivet set:
– Mallet:
– Bone folder:
– Book press (or a stack of heavy books)
– Stitching jig (or a suitable chair)
– White PVA glue (wood glue)
– Contact glue
– Thick needle
– Scissors & x-acto knife
– Stapler & hammer
– Wax for leather

How to sew the signatures together:

How to sew headbands:

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