Wartune: Patch 2.46 Part 4

Wartune 2.46: Part IV has officially arrived and will include the following updates:

  • Dragon Soul – Unleash the dragon within with your very own Dragon Soul!
  • Refined Sylphs – Claim your victories with aid from the light… or the dark.

Dragon Soul
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The Dragon Soul system can be unlocked upon reaching level 40 and successfully completing the “Path to Power” quest. Once activated, the Dragon Soul system can be accessed via the Character panel.

Player’s must hatch their dragon using Dragon Essence (which can be found within MP Dungeons and the Tormented Necropolis) before the Dragon Soul can be used effectively. Feeding your Dragon Soul once will cost 1 Dragon Essence while using 1-click Feed will consume all available Dragon Essences. However, if your Dragon Soul has reached its maximum level, excess Dragon Essence will not be used. New Dragon Soul levels unlock upon reaching level 40, 50, 60, 70, and 80.

Each upgrade to a player’s Dragon Soul will increase its affects on his or her character’s attributes. Please note that a maxed out Dragon Soul is required for future Class Advancement.

Refined Sylphs: Dark and Light

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The refined versions of Hades and Apollo are here! Check out Eve and Athena in-game to start battling the forces of evil with a powerful new dark or light sylph!

Note: The refined ‘Gaia’ will be renamed Eve in later maintenance.

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