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Lately I have been working with Wizard101 again and even though I used to know everything about it, it is apparent I have forgotten more than many will ever know about the game. Besides that there are many new areas for me to catch up on I was missing for over a year after all and missed Azteca Aquila, as well as, all of Khrysalis. There is so much more in the game now that I am left feeling like a no.Ob which works I often played myself off as one anyway to avoid beggars, leeches and stalkers. I must admit, being the no.Ob again is awesome 😀 I get to meet new people make great new friends and have fun following all the new story-lines.

Its taken me a couple months to get myself back to the point where I don’t feel completely stupid when it comes to doing things on wizard. along the way I’ve remembered allot of the stuff I’ve forgotten thanks to good friends I’ve made since I got back asking me questions about the ancient days of wizard but there is still so much more I still have to remember. I would also like to thank to them for putting up with me along the way since my brain processes in a unique manner that makes me look stupid along the way. It often takes me a few paragraphs to sort out what I say in the first sentence lol and you all waiting around for me to sort it out and correct the misinformation is something I’m grateful for. Anyway …

Since I got back, I’ve done quite a bit I’ve started trying to catch up, changed some of my rug glitches around learned some new ways to do things and started working on pets. I even spent a day losing 320 PVP points just for the hell of it to reacquaint myself with how PVP works. I recently had the privilege of writing a short essay about some of my Wizard101 experiences for a contest ran by Alex Balance on facebook. The best news about that is I won that essay contest and got 5000 crowns 😀

I wanted to share that short essay here as I get started adding more content about Wizard101 as I am reminded and experience it again. I’ve got some ideas for upcoming post and thanks to my friends on Wizard101 I’ve got new ways to share and teach as I go. My first project is going to be a glitching 101 series that will hopefully teach people how to do some nice rug glitches in their homes 🙂 anyway, heres the essay until I have time to get to work on other projects.

The first time I played Wizard101 was in August or September 2008. I didn’t play much at the time though, it was just another beta project I was looking into to see what I thought about and write a review for it on the blog I was working on. I found the game enjoyable, family friendly and rated it highly planning to return to it once it was out of beta. A few weeks went by and by the end of October I was obsessed and playing at every opportunity.

There are so many “cool, epic, or funny” things that have happened playing over the years. From soloing some of the hardest bosses in the game at the time to having my house glitches featured on Wizard101 fan sites.

The coolest for me would have to be finally perfecting my Red Barn Farm garden glitch, adding platforms under my fields for things the plants like but that’s probably not that cool to everyone else.

The closest thing to epic I have at the moment would be soloing Poseidon and Zeus in Tartarus with my level 90 ice wizard with full health at the end 😀

I suppose the funniest thing that’s happened to me recently was my first attempt to solo the final dungeon of Azteca with my level 90 balance wizard. I had never played the dungeon before and I had no idea Malistaire was immune to all schools. I spent almost 2 hours playing the dungeon altogether had no losses and had everything stacked and ready to end him and most of the other bosses. All blades and traps I use set, balance blade, sharp balance blade, bladestorm, sharp bladestorm, dark pact, hex, potent hex, feint, potent feint, pet feint all on Malistaire and a couple feint stacked on one of the other bosses. Feeling triumphant with 2000 health and a citical availing hands still having 1 turn to spin I attack with ra thinking I got this no worries. Big 0 on Mailstaire and my mouth dropped open, whats worse both the other bosses survived and all 3 had big hits coming I was back in the Zocalo in less than 3 turns lol

Choosing a favorite spell is way to difficult, I like them all, as for animation an all time favorite will always be the life spell goat monk but its not my favorite to use. After seeing the new spells in test realm this past week I’m liking the new death spell Call of Khrulhu looks sweet and tops the list of spells I will love to cast 🙂

As far as what I would like as spells, that’s easy, I want to summon Ravenwood teachers as minions 🙂


That’s all I wanted to share this time, next posts will go into my wizards and show everyone what I look like so they can find me. until then you can find me on Facebook or ask me here 😀

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