Wizard101: It’s all about the Gabriel’s

A few days ago, I said that I was going to post about my Wizard101 wizards so it would be easier to find me around the spiral but before I get into that I want to explain their histories. It turns out, allot of them are older than they actually appear 😉

In October of 2008 I was developing websites and programming games for fun and profit when I decided to officially retire and write game reviews. I knew about Wizard101 for a while and thought it would be a great game to review and promote, so I started working on an article to publish on my website introducing my followers to Kings Isle and Wizard101. This was back when very few people were aware of the little start up that would eventually grow into the beast it is today but perhaps I’ll talk more about those days in a future post, this post is all bout the Gabriel’s so lets jump on in.

My first wizard was Gabriel ShadowWeaver created (randomly) in October of 2008, he was a balance wizard, not the Gabriel ShadowWeaver presented below but close enough that it doesn’t really matter. He was used to write a few articles about Wizard101 and detail the kid friendly play and general appeal of the game to a then skeptical market. Once he served his purpose I went on to write about other games and started a few projects thinking Wizard101 was more for my kids than myself but a couple weeks later I was proven wrong when I returned obsessed with the spiral. Suffice it to say there were good reasons for my obsession and it wasn’t a bad thing. At that time my obsession truly benefited my family even though they hadn’t started playing yet. Over the next month I learned everything there was to know about the game and got my family involved and playing with me. It was mid November, I was maxed out on Gabriel ShadowWeaver and had decided I was going to make a new wizard and blog about his progression from the beginning. I was still getting familiar with things and accidentally removed Gabriel ShadowWeaver, while creating the wizard I was going to blog about, “ABRACADABRA”, oh my! It was the worst thing I could ever imagine for to happen with my gaming experience at the time but no worries it only took a couple months to get him maxed out and I had messed up with him allot anyway so whatever. I went through the Wizard Generator again and got balance again, no surprise, none of my answers had changed why would the result?

A few minutes later I was taking my first look at Gabriel LegendWeaver!

Gabriel LegendWeaver

Level 100 (Exalted Sorceror)

LegendWeaver is considered my main wizard these days. I liked the name I originally received but wanted each wizard to feel * different * and since I was going to be blogging about him and turning him into a * Legend * it seemed fitting. You also need to understand back then it wasn’t like it is today we didn’t have many options for naming our wizards anyway and getting them all confused was happening allot so thinking First Middle Last name was my way of approaching the issue. Since I was so grief stricken by the loss of my first balance wizard and it helps to know what you are doing when you are writing about your gaming experience I decided to do another one.

In an effort to pay homage to my original wizard I started another Gabriel ShadowWeaver 🙂

Gabriel ShadowWeaver

Level 45 (Master Necromancer)

Over the years this wizard has gotten left behind lol, like LegendWeaver he was started in November of 2008 but since I wasn’t focused on blogging about him, he was often neglected. It’s never been an issue of liking or disliking the wizard in at all either. There was just always other projects I was working on that IO would think more important than my less * public * wizard. Death is actually one of my favorite schools to play and was the one I was hoping to get from the Wizard Generator in the first place, one day I will get back to work on him and get him caught up to Legendweaver.

There were a bunch of wizards that came and went for the next couple years and along the way a Fire Mastery Amulet was dropped or won from somewhere and WildWeaver was born.

Gabriel LifeWeaver

Level 66 (Legendary Theurgist)

Around the time I started this wizard my wife was getting frustrated with hers. While going through Mooshu she was complaining and threatening to delete her life wizard cause she said it was too hard and I had no idea what she was going through, so I made me one to find out. Me and my wife tend to approach things differently and that was the point I as trying to show her by creating my own. It wasn’t that she was doing it wrong, she just didn’t want to do it my way and for once, and maybe only once, my way was the better way. Took me a few weeks to catch up to her and make my point before I stopped playing with him frequently and haven’t used him since April of 2012. My wife finally, within the last month, caught up and passed my life wizard again so I might have to get back to work on this one soon to show her I still know what I’m talking about cause she still has problems with hers from time to time. She still does it her way, instead of my way, which is fine by me, but of course like any other man I can’t keep my mouth shut about * My way being the right way * and all I end up eating my foot and sleeping on the couch sometimes o.O

The day I started LifeWeaver I also decided to start work on WildWeaver.

Gabriel WildWeaver

Level 91 (Promethean Thaumaturge)

WildWeaver was started at the end of 2011 or early 2012 and I originally blogged about his PVP experiences. I really enjoyed having an ice wizard that could hit like a beast at lower levels and used fire mastery until finishing Drqagonspyre. For a long time this was the only wizard besides LegendWeaver that was maxed and I would take turns helping my friends and family catch up for PVP. At one point I even began thinking of this wizard as my main and would choose him over farming/helping/questing with LegendWeaver.

The last wizard I was going to introduce is FrogWeaver 😉

Gabriel FrogWeaver

Level 32 (Magus Conjurer)

FrogWeaver was started a couple months after LifeWeaver for a PVP team a friend of mine was planning. The team eventually got abandoned along with this wizard. I still call him my PVP wizard cause he is the only one that I intended to continue playing PVP with. I had developed a hatred for anything besides high level PVP during the puppet days and allot of my distaste for PVP comes from that time period. I’ll be playing on this wizard more as time goes by leveling him up and eventually I might start doing PVP with him again who knows 🙂

I’m sure some of you are wondering and speculating why I don’t have another wizard or multiple accounts but its not really that complicated. In both cases the answer is * I do * but everyone needs a place to hide and some of the other accounts are shared by members of my family 😛 As for the other wizard on this account, well, I like to save one wizard on each account just to hold extra crown gear and don’t quest with them past level 15. On this account, it is miss Gabrielle FrogWielder, a young myth wizard, that maintains the storage facility and technically doesn’t qualify as either a Gabriel or a Weaver so she was omitted from the list 😉

Anyway, if you see me around the spiral say howdy and add me if you want but keep in mind I don’t accept random request so you’ll have to speak with me and tell me who you are first 😀

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