Rolling Out Again!

I’m working on the site again! After a couple months of relaxing and playing games I’ve returned with a clear head and finally managed to get the home page set up the way I want it. My interests aren’t on coding as much now and some of my past projects are abandoned again. As I move forward there will be some more organization through out the site and some content may be moved or removed as I go.

I’ve tested a ton of plugins in the last couple days looking for a good one to display my latest posts on the home page I set up. Generally I don’t spend allot of time talking about the commercial plugins I use around the site but this time I found one I just have to recommend.

TPG Get Posts Extension is a powerful plugin with or without the premium options! I will be honest with you I really didn’t need any of the premium options to accomplish what I was after for the home page but with the cost of a premium license so reasonable I felt I had no choice. I’m going to be learning how to use it more as I go because there is too much for me to learn right now and it does what I need. You know every once in a while you find something truly remarkable and feel the need to share it, this was mine for the day.

I’ll post more about the plugins used on the site soon and plan to get the premium version of the theme after the holidays but I’m excited to be writing again 😀

In some form or another gWorldz has lasted another year and whats most remarkable is at least half of that year was spent without content! I have to credit my nemesis Facebook for getting me to the point where I wanted to write again. Over the last couple months I have been posting more often and enjoying the groups I mess with on there. As usual its been a mixed bag but overall I enjoyed it but now its time for me to get the control I am used to back. I’ve never liked restrictions If I feel like posting text and images I should be able to I shouldn’t have to create an album in order to link to a tutorial. I should just be able to upload all my images and write the tutorial explaining them as I go.

Well now I can again!

Just because we can figure out a way around the limitation of Facebook doesn’t mean any of really want to. I put allot of time and money into developing this site over the years but I’m tired of cleaning up all my bad grammar and misspellings so that’s something you will just have to deal with around here from now on. no more days of edits before I set a post to public. On my tutorials I will still verify the accuracy of course, I just won’t be rewriting it over and over until I think its perfect anymore.

The truth is what was preventing my work on the site had more to do with the host than anything else. Over the last few months I didn’t have full access due to server migration and who knows what else but I finally got back in and can actually code again when I feel like it 😉

So anyway, coming soon, more posts about entertainment, gaming news and gWorldz site design and development 😉

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