Movie Night

Well I spent the night catching up on some recent movies after realizing I had missed quite a few while working on other hobbies. I’ll just be streaming content from one of my online sources like usual but where available I definitely recommend viewing in your local theater or visiting a nearby Redbox or other rental service if/when available. As always …

----------------<<<{{{[[[ WARNING MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS ]]]}}}>>>----------------

… but I do my best to avoid divulging too much so you can enjoy the movie when you watch it 🙂 now lets get on to the movies 😀


Rating: 7/10
The evening starts with the sci-fi thriller that chronicles the life of a Temporal Agent sent on an intricate series of time-travel journeys designed to ensure the continuation of his law enforcement career for all eternity. Now, on his final assignment, the Agent must pursue the one criminal that has eluded him throughout time.

I went into the movie expecting the same old time travel twist and I admit this one was definitely one of the more complex spins. The film is set in contemporary New York spanning from 1945-1985 and centers around the pursuit and capture of a serial bomber that plagued the city in the mid seventies. Unlike most other time travel movies there’s no high tech or futuristic mumbo-jumbo to pickup on during the movie, I kept waiting for it but it never happened and when the movie concluded, I completely understood why 🙂

I have to admit I really enjoyed this movie and recommend everyone check it out, it goes places you would never expect and leaves you satisfied at the end.

Stonehearst Asylum

Rating: 8/10
Stonehearst Asylum was probably the better of the two movies I watched tonight, generally speaking I don’t normally go for this type of movie but tonight I couldn’t resist a second helping of thriller after being more than satisfied by the previous movie. The big spoiler … just when you think you have it all sorted you get floored 😛

This movie keeps you thinking and makes you love and hate almost every character at some point along the way. Its left me thinking and wondering how bad Asylums used to be ran in the pursuit medical science. One of the things I was most impressed by was the complete lack of vulgarity and graphic scenes, though its far from being family friendly, teenagers should be safe to join attentive parents for a great tale 😀

Two great movies to keep you thinking, I highly recommend both and truly enjoyed the evening, remarkable performances by all the actors and actresses 😉

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