Working on the IRC Plugin … again o.O

I’ve been busy with an IRC plugin for the website and playing with things in the backend this week but I’ll get back to content soon. The WordPress plugin is almost finished and I have a few things to write about that I learned along the way 😉

The plugin provides a shortcode for loading Kiwi, Mibbit, Qwebirc webchats, Espernet or wsIRC clients and I have been having fun with it. I wrote this plugin a couple years ago but never released it and its went through 3 full revisions so far with this one being the most dramatic change so far adding in support for Qwebirc webchats, Espernet and wsIRC. At the moment just have to finish the admin settings design and write up the documentation before I can release it but its coming soon 😉

WordPress Pluugin - Irc Webchat

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