D&D Munchkin in Training

So here’s the deal I been a little preoccupied over the last month or so and haven’t been posting anything … I know I know big surprise 😛 you all should know you can’t count on me 😛 the only thing I can be counted on for is random rants in a very untimely manner 😉 Technically this isn’t a rant though. I just wanted to toss out an update for everyone explaining my absence again.

So like I said I been preoccupied for a while now. Turns out one of my daughters is showing interest in Role Playing and I felt I should embrace the opportunity to share and teach her what I could before she looses interest in hopes that she will want to be a closet geek like her old man. Anyway, the big whammy here is quite simple. Years ago I sold off most of my RPG collection and the only thing I have left is AD&D 2E and D&D 3.5 Core Books both of which I enjoyed immensely in my younger days but haven’t gotten to play in over a decade. She wants to play D&D but there is a slight problem, she wants to play D&D 5E instead. I started looking into %E and seeing what all I needed and it wasn’t long before I discovered that jumping into %E is not like jumping into past versions of D&D first and foremost, I’d be dropping $150 + Shipping and handling instead of the $60-$80 required to get the core in the past. What’s worse they’re are currently no digital versions and no plans to release any so that means no matter what I have to either scan myself or find a scan online so I can zoom the pages and actually read them. We were lucky that we didn’t have to deal with the evil delayed releases for the DMG and MM or that would be another thing to add to the list of annoyances.

After considering the likelihood of her continuing to play and my financial situation I decided we would be searching out digital versions and embracing the free D&D Basic Rules shared by Wizards. The D&D 5E Basic Rules, for lack of a better way to explain it, is basically the new SRD. Considering all the pluses this is almost perfect for me, only problem is, part of the fun with D&D when I was younger was having the books and looking things up myself. For most this really is a non issue toss the PDF to a kindle and hand it to the child, but for us that’s not gonna work. First of all, we really aren’t the most technological family. We got plenty PC’s and teh wife has one of those new android phones but that’s about it for the family, no laptops, no tablets, nothing I can toss the PDF to and hand it over for her to read. So what was I to do …

Well, for once I decided I just have to have physical copies of the rules and there’s no better way to get a physical copy of D&D Basic Rules than to publish my own set on Lulu.com so thats what I started working on. Thing is D&D has always had this idea that the PHB and DMG should be separate entities as if the player will never read the DMG but truth is there’s no reason for that. The player almost always ends up reading both books anyway and I don’t want to have to order 6 books so I will be combining the Players ad dungeon masters Printer friendly PDF’s into a single book. I know its unprofessional but I’m lazy and I just want a physical book to look at and read no matter where I am. After creating my combined 180 page PDF in Acrobat and sending it up to Lulu as my books content it was time to create my wraparound cover. I fired up Photoshop and knocked out a nice cover for the perfect bound book in no time. I wanted to test out Lulu’s different printing standards so I ordered 3 books, a standard B&W budget (as cheap as possible), a premium B&W, and a premium color (just to see how Lulu handles color). The books ran roughly $4, $7 and $11 and after using a discount coupon I managed to effectively get free shipping paying around $22 for all 3 books and shipping. 🙂

It was later that week when the books arrived and we were happy with the way they turned out. The budget books cover had spine issues and I admit it makes me cringe when I look at it knowing its my fault and I could have done much better with its cover. the issue was I used the same image for all three books even though they all have slightly different widths. The difference is only a pixel or 2 difference on them and after checking I had actually used the measurements for the budget book when I created it so … I am no assuming its a problem on Lulu’s end but I’m not gonna fuss over it. best guess there was an error with the press as the books is thicker than expected and much thicker than the other two which turned out perfect. to my daughter though there’s no difference between it and the others and she’s happy, that’s all that matters.

So that’s part of what’s been keeping me busy, were enjoying the time together making characters and rolling dice. Its took a decade but now I’m able to buy RPG stuff and justify the purchase cause lets face it, time with your kids is worth what ever you have to spend 😀

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