Wartune: Patch 2.1 Part 2

Wartune 2.1: Part II has officially arrived and will include the following updates:

  • Sylph Upgrading – Sylphs need to grow, too! Upgrade your sylph to unleash its true potential.
  • Sylph Skills – Sylph skills not cutting it? Train your sylph in new skills now!
  • Amethyst Mine – Head to the mines to find out what you can claim for your own!
  • Additional Changes – See what other things have been changed and added!

Sylph Upgrade
sylph upgrade.png
Sylph quality can now be upgraded, increasing sylph stats. Players may use Mahra and/or Balens to upgrade their sylphs. With each upgrade Blessing will increase by a certain amount. Once the Blessing bar is full, the sylph will upgrade to the next quality increasing sylph attributes and it’s capability for growth. Sylphs may be upgraded using either normal upgrade or advanced upgrade. Upgrading via either method will yield a chance for a Sylph’s Blessing which can yield up to 5 times the amount of blessing received.

Sylph Skills
Name:  sylph skills.png
Sylph Skills unlock at level 55. Each Sylph can know a maximum of eight skills at a time. Skill scrolls can be purchased in the Shop or via the sylph skill panel. Sylph skill are attuned to the type of sylph learning with both active and passive skills available to learn.

Amethyst Mine
The Amethyst Mine is open to all players level 25 and above. The mine is open all day, with the event time of 21:00 – 21:30 (server time). During the non-event period, players may collect Normal Minecarts and mine Amethyst for a normal drop rate. However, during the event period, Adv. Minecarts may be taken for double drop rates. Players must take a minecart to the collection area to collect Amethyst and then this Amethyst must be dumped at the appropriate NPC in order to receive rewards. Be wary! Players may plunder each other’s minecarts with victorious players stealing some of the defeated players Amethyst.

Additional Changes

  • Christmas is coming to Balenor! It’s time to revel in the beautiful new scenery and special items!
  • Bound Balens can now be used in the Farm Shop.
  • Hot Events panel has undergone some revisions.

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