Getting back into comics …

So here’s the deal a good friend of mine recently asked me to suggest a comic series to start reading so he could jump into comics.Truth be told, I haven’t been paying attention to comics since around 2010 when I jumped back in briefly to catch the Blackest Night run. The last time I read comics other than Blackest Night was back in 2004 so I really didn’t know what to say to him at first. After thinking about it for a minute or so I realized I wanted to see what I had been missing so we decided to jump in together.

When I was younger I ran my own FLGS selling comics to the masses and I liked to read everything I sold, so I suggested my all-time favorites trying to find out what he wanted. Right off the bat he tells me he wants a new series or a reboot, not an established title with back issues he’d have to hunt down. that made me start scratching my head, I had no idea what to tell him at that point. Even though I wasn’t reading comics, I had been following major events from time to time when I got curious and was familiar Flashpoint but there were gonna be back issues. Whether its true or not I have it in my head that DC will reboot their universe every couple years or at least have an event that changes everything enough to get in fresh. So I suggested we see what was going on with DC Comics and when the next Event starts.

At first we thought we got lucky with DC Convergence and since I used to be such a DC fanboy I was excited to see the current event. After teh first couple weeks and tie ins, however, we were both left scratching our heads. On the website Convergence was doted on as an event for new readers as well as current fans but we realized fairly quickly you needed to have quite a bit of background knowledge stretching back to 80’s comics and beyond. I admit I think allot of the problems we ran into are because I always jump in one-hundred percent and started following all the 2-shot tie ins along with the main story. For new readers I don’t recommend this approach for a few reasons, one, the time lines of the multiverse can be a bit confusing to a casual reader, two, 11-issues per week is a little expensive to a casual reader, three, and possibly the most important, most of the tie ins don’t matter. That’s right I said it, they just don’t matter!

As tie-ins they aren’t necessary for the main story, Convergence isn’t a crossover after all so all you really need is the main story to keep up with what’s going on and jump on board. After seeing it that way I stopped being so annoyed by DC suggesting it as a good starting point for new readers and now I’m just waiting to see what happens at the end of the event. It’s halfway over right now and I’ve enjoyed the first 45 books even though I had to re-acquaint myself with past events and the multiverse along the way. Unfortunately my friend has decided to hold off for post-Convergence titles and jump in then, I can’t say I blame him though the first couple weeks had us expecting something that would build up to a something big not something big blowing up in our faces where we have to wait for the dust to settle before we can actually figure out what’s going on. In the first four weeks we’ve had some fun catching up and reminiscing so I can’t complain too much.

To sum it up, I’m still not sure Convergence is for new casual readers as DC claims but for once upon a time fanboys able to remember or willing to look up the events they missed, I think it will work. Next week we start over the bump and see where it takes us but what were really waiting for is to see what happens next 🙂

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