Convergence annoys me …

Well to be honest the title really does sum up my feelings regarding DC’s Convergence event. I followed the event religiously over the last month reading each and every issue hoping for something new and unexpected but this event didn’t have that in mind. As usual it was pretty confusing to follow since the tie-ins aren’t released in reading order. To be honest it’s probably less confusing if you skip the tie-ins completely but in my opinion that still doesn’t help this event seem any better to me.

I ended up waiting for the entire event to end before I read the May issues after the issue #5 because the tie-ins all seemed to happen before it.If you plan to read all of the tie-ins, my suggested reading order is …

Convergence #0
Convergence #1  
Convergence #2
Convergence #3
Convergence #4
Convergence #5 Convergence #6 Convergence #7 Convergence #8

… but you should really save yourself the cash or time spent downloading and just grab the main titles. If your favorite title ended up with its own 2-issue tie-in then by all means make sure you pick it up but don’t expect much. The tie-ins just don’t seem to have much if any effect on the main story other than showing what the heroes were doing while the main story progressed.

The May issues of convergence were better than Aprils issues but when the dust settled it left a bad taste in my mouth. Years ago DC realized one continuum was what fans wanted but after reading issue 8 they reconstituted the DC Multiverse. I went into Convergence expecting a reboot or kickstart for The New 52 and was very disappointed DC went the way they did.

Don’t get me wrong I love DC always have but bringing back the Multiverse was something I didn’t want. For me the Multiverse will always be attached to my youth and remind of school days. After high school I didn’t read as much as I did and when I came back to DC they were trying to fix the DC Continuum and that was something I was on board for and really enjoyed. Yea I missed some of the old heroes and titles but I felt like their loss was worth it or DC would bring them into the main continuum in some way. In most cases it didn’t happen but hey it was just my take on it.

Convergence was advertised as a great place for old and new readers to pick up but I disagree, this was the absolute worst place for someone that enjoyed Blackest Night to start reading again. Its not a bad story I just had the bar set high and DC crawled around it instead of jumping over πŸ™ I expected to have a large DC pull list after the event but I don’t!? My new list consist of Constantine: The Hellblazer, Green Lantern, Green Lantern: The Lost Army, Lobo, Mad Max: Fury Road, Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? and Sinestro but I’m not even sure I should count Mad Max and Scooby-Doo since they exist outside the multiverse …. I hope o.O

Since DC isn’t keeping me hooked like I expected it too I am looking at Marvel hoping Secret Wars is fun and looking forward to what comes after it πŸ˜€

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