Wartune: Patch 2.1 Part 3

Wartune 2.1: Part III has officially arrived and will include the following updates:

  • Two New Sylphs – Learn to tame the powers of fire and electricity with these new sylphs!
  • Circuit Quests – Earn even more rewards with these new weekly quests!

New Sylphs
 – Gaia and the Amazon Queen
Players may now enter L3 and L4 of Sylph Atoll to capture two brand new sylphs! Gaia embodies the terrifying power of electricity and isn’t afraid to show her full strength in battle, while the ferocity of the Amazon Queen’s fiery temper is a force to be reckoned with. Both sylphs have been updated with their respective skills and skill books.

Circuit Quests
Upon reaching level 35, players may now begin to complete Circuit Quests by speaking with Asima in Cloud City. Players may complete up to 200 quests per week for rewards! Some rewards will be given out when players complete certain numbers of quests, while those who are able to complete all 200 quests each week will receive a special pack. Circuit Quest reset every Monday at 5:00.

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