Wartune: Patch 2.1 Part 4

Wartune 2.1: Part IV has officially arrived and will include the following updates:

  • Card System – unlocks upon reaching level 32.

Card System
Players may access the system via a card icon within the character panel of the inventory.

The “Treasure Hunt” is one of the most important ways to collect cards and related items. This function will be introduced in more depth later.


Card Types
There are many different types of collectable cards within the game. Each card provides different kinds of stats and can be grouped according to color (quality): colorless/white: common, green: uncommon, blue: rare, purple: epic, and orange:legendary.

Each of the cards offers a different and varying effect on Battle Rating in different events. If equipped properly they can have a significant impact on the player’s ability in battle.


Shards Exchange
One way to obtain a Summoner’s Kit is by exchanging a certain number of Summoner’s Shards within the Hunt panel. Each type of Summoner’s Kit offers varying chances to obtain different quality cards.
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