Michael Whelan – 2016 Gallery Project

Michael Whelan has always been one of my favorite artists and this year he has undertaken a challenge to produce some great work.

Thanks Everyone for following my numbers adventure on Facebook all last year. It was a challenge – and a blast – for me to come up with a number each day!

For 2016, I’m presenting a once a week look at my “Leftovers” and “Palette Gremlins,” which you’ll see in the gallery below.

Leftovers are little spur-of-the-moment doodles or sketches created from paint left over from a work in progress. Most of these quickies end up in the trash, but some are kind of cool on their own and others have lead to full scale paintings.

I’ve been doing this since my art school days: THE PEEPER came from the paint left over from a piece done for my first professional portfolio.

Palette Gremlins are small creations found in random shapes, usually paint on a palette or the mat board I use to protect my drawing table. Often what I see is an alien or a face, but PASSAGE: THE RED STEP was suggested by shapes in the over-spray left from a complex airbrushing session.

In either case, when they spark an idea that leads to a larger work, it feels like a gift from my Muse! The point of it all, however, is to play with some paint — and see what happens.

While I had some set aside, this will be an ongoing process: there will be new ones too. I’ll be adding an image to this gallery every Wednesday – I hope you’ll check back regularly throughout the year. You may see a few of these oddities for sale in the Original Art section of our shop.

I’ll be posting the same images later on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram if you’d like to follow the project on social media. Thanks for your interest!

Source: www.michaelwhelan.com/leftovers-palette-gremlins/

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