VIP Wheel Contest

|EDIT| Contest has ended, no one correctly guessed the items and the order they were recieved. A contest is no fun without a winner so we decided to award the prize to the first person to guess the items correctly.


Original post has been moved to page 2 o.O

KingofHell was the first to correctly guess all the items received.Β We want to thank everyone that participated in our first contest and wish everyone luck in our future contests, games and giveaways πŸ˜€

Continue reading to view the original contest post in its entirety.|EDIT|


  1. Azurewrath

    20k gold, hp pot, lv3 luckstone, 60k gold, lv4 luckstone, leveler seeds, 5 skeleton keys, 509k gold

    1. Azurewrath

      that last one ment to say 500k gold but i made a typo sorry

  2. Merlen

    gonna give this a go since I happened to stop by. btw site is looking go so far. nice work πŸ™‚

    anyways, onto the contest : lvl 3 luck stone, hp pack, 20k gold, levelers seed, 60k gold, lvl 4 luck stone, 5x skeleton key, 500k gold

    1. Merlen

      because I couldn’t find a way to edit my post and was too lazy to look that hard, *good not go

  3. Debbie Pruitt

    LadyTigress R2games s104

    20k gold, leveler seed, level 3 luck stone, level 4 luck stone, 60k gold, HP pot, 2 mount whips, and 500k gold

  4. Doc GWorldzDoc GWorldz (Post author)

    Contest has Ended thanks to all that participated πŸ˜€

    Prize was awarded to KingofHell for being the first to correctly guess all of the items received from the VIP Wheel.

    No one managed to correctly guess the order in which they were received but a contest is no good without a winner πŸ˜›

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