My 8th Annual Dorm contest Dorm- Rip Van Piggle

The Tell of Rip Van Piggle

My dorm theme is based on the tell of “Rip Van Wrinkle”. Rip Van Piggle went fishing while fishing he heard the loud crackling of thunder and lighting. Rip went to investigate and found and a very small gnome playing nine pins. Every time the gnome would hit the nine pins it would make a loud crack of thunder. Rip Van Piggle drank from the waters and fell asleep for 20 years. He awoke to be a very old piggle.

The five items I used to tell the story. Water towers gave that much needed woodland feel. The lantern post to light Van Piggle’s Path. The gnome was playing nine pins, the pins are chess pieces, pawns. The peat I used to give the feeling of dirt and aging ground.

One of the Judges made a dorm for little Red Riding Hood

from Paige’s Page

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