wartune-Patch 2.46 Part 1

Wartune 2.46: Part 1 is here and includes the following updates:

  • Battle Protection – Learn to incorporate elemental resistance in battle.
  • The Lost Treasure – Treasure Maps have been found scattered all around Cloud City.
  • Optimized Guild Battle – Minor changes for the Guild Battle system.

Battle Protection
Unlocked at level 55, battle protection offers players a chance to incorporate elemental resistance in battle. The system requires skill and strategy to give you that extra edge in battle.

General Info

  • The system can be found via the Character panel and is composed of two parts: Elemental resistance and RES reduction.
  • Battle Protection unlocks upon reaching level 55.
  • The player’s active sylph decides the type of elemental resistance during battle.

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Resistance and RES Reduction Effects

  • Resistance can reduce the amount of damage received from certain elemental attacks. There are six different types of resistance: Wind, Fire, Water, Electro, Light, and Dark.
  • RES reduction can reduce the enemy’s resistance, which means the player’s attacks can cause more damage.

Elemental Resistance
There are six different types of elemental resistance. Each type of elemental resistance only works against the same type of elemental attack. For example, if the attacker brings the Amazon Queen into battle, then the defender would be required to have fire resistance in order to reduce the damage from the attacker.

Effect of RES Reduction on Resistance<

  • RES reduction can reduce the effect of all types of resistance; if a defender’s resistance is greater than the attacker’s RES reduction, then the damage caused to the defender will be greatly reduced. However, if the opposite is true, then the attacker’s damage dealt will be 100% + bonus damage to the defender.
  • RES reduction can be improved by socketing Will Crystals (RES reduction crystals) into the Reduce RES center shield in the Battle Protection system.Resistance Shields
  • Within the Battle Protection panel are 6 different shields. Each shield has 3 socketing slots in which players may socket various types of resistance crystals to increase resistance. Shields can only be socketed with three different types of crystal.
  • The Wooden Shield unlocks upon reaching level 55, the other shields will unlock later upon reaching certain requirements. Kingdom Marks are required to unlock the other shields and can be earned from “Battle Protection” quests.

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Materials and Sources

  • Crystal Shards: Obtained from various events, used to synthesize various types of resistance crystal in the Blacksmith.
  • Resistance Crystals: Can be synthesized using Crystal Shards in the Blacksmith.
  • RES Reduction (Will Crystals): Not available yet.

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The Lost Treasure
Treasure Maps have been found scattered all around Cloud City. Legend has it that these maps hide a very special kind of material required to create Resistance Crystals. These crystals provide a powerful source of energy that significantly reduces damage received from enemies. There was never a better time than now to start treasure hunting!

  • Level Requirement: 55
  • NPC: Berdim in Cloud City
  • Daily Attempts: 5
  • Duration: All day

How to play
The Lost Treasure quest is a daily quest which can be accepted from Berdim in Cloud City. Berdim will give players a Treasure Map which will offer a hint as to where the treasure is hidden. Follow the hints to discover the treasure’s location, but be wary as the treasure is often guarded by vicious beasts! Upon successfully collecting the crystal shards they may be synthesized into different kinds of Resistance Crystals via the Blacksmith.

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Treasure Maps
There are four Treasure Map qualities: Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. The higher quality the map is, the better the rewards which can be received from it. A Treasure Map’s quality has a chance to be improved using Balens or the required items.

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  • Rewards may be claimed 5 times per day. Once attempts have been used up, players may still participate in the quests but will earn no rewards.
  • Embarking upon a hunt with a party will earn greater rewards; however, the one who opened the treasure map may receive a bonus reward.
  • Rewards for each party member are determined by the quality of the map used.
  • Crystal Shards can be used in the Blacksmith to synthesize resistance crystals which are used within the Battle Protection system.


  • If a member of the party is not within the battle-trigger area when digging for the treasure, the player may click the battle announcement in the chat system to immediately assist in battle.
  • Random occurrence: When collecting treasure, there is a chance to enter into battle for the treasure and a chance to automatically receive it.

Optimized Guild Battle
What changes have been made with the Mystery Towers?

  • Previously, occupying a Mystery Tower would increase Ward Tower HP, but this is no longer the case. Now, occupying a Mystery Tower increases damage dealt to the opponent’s Ward Tower.

How much damage will be dealt to an opponent’s Ward Tower when Mystery Towers are occupied?

  • At the start of Guild Battle, all damage dealt to the Ward Tower is decreased by 100%, in other words damage is negated. With each Mystery Tower that is occupied, the damage dealt to the opponent’s Ward Tower will increase by 50%.

If no Mystery Towers are occupied, will the damage from the War Chariot be negated?

  • No. The damage from the War Chariot is not affected by the Mystery Tower % damage effect.

Will the damage from the War Chariot increase if more Mystery Towers are occupied?

  • No. The damage from the War Chariot is not affected by the Mystery Tower % damage effect.

Why do I not receive Guild Battle reward?

  • If a player is in the Participant List but does not participate in Guild Battle, s/he will not receive the individual participant rewards on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but s/he will receive rewards if the guild has earned a place in the Guild Battle Rankings once the battle is over on Friday.

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