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Accursed Play Gauntlet

A brand new gauntlet just appeared in the Spiral! The Accursed Play Gauntlet has just recently hit the stores (more specifically, Walmart) and has now been officially announced by Kingsisle. I’m sure you theater lovers will enjoy this gauntlet starring Mac…Death! This bundle includes the following:

  • Drama Llama Pet
  • Dramaturgist’s Attire
  • Dramaturgist’s Wand
  • Stage Ship Mount
  • Theater Gauntlet
  • 5000 crowns or one month membership

Drama Llama Pet

Accursed Play Gauntlet - Pet

Pet Details

Accursed Play Gauntlet - Pet

Talent Slots:

  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???


Stage Ship Mount

The bewitching Stage Ship mount is ready for the performance of a lifetime! This magnificent two-person mount just says it all, doesn’t it?

Accursed Play Gauntlet - Mount
Accursed Play Gauntlet - Mount



Dramaturgist’s Attire

Quite a popular new stitch among wizards. It can be observed on the first two bosses in the gauntlet, the Phantom bosses! More on that later…

Accursed Play Gauntlet - Attire



Dramaturgist’s Wand

Spooky? Creative? I’m not entirely sure what to say here. It sure is an interesting wand!

Accursed Play Gauntlet - Wand


Theater Gauntlet

Accursed Play Gauntlet - Dungeon

I ventured through the top tier of the gauntlet with my army of wizards to explore what secrets lie within. The story is quite enjoyable especially if you are a theater fan, and the loot is also very rewarding! Here are the loot highlights from the Accursed Play Gauntlet:

  • Polished Mending Opal +5%
  • Polished Resilient Opal +5%
  • Pigsie Treasure Card
  • Crimson Spectre Pet
  • Skeletal Gladiator Pet
  • Platinum

Battle 1: Phantom Olivier & Phantom Kenneth

  • Phantom Olivier – 11,000hp Fire Boss
  • Phantom Kenneth – 10,000hp Ice Boss
  • No cheats recorded


Battle 2: Fan-tom Stagehands

  • Fan-tom Stagehand (Myth) – 3,920hp
  • Fan-tom Stagehand (Myth) – 7,840hp
  • Fan-tom Stagehand (Life) – 8,720hp
  • Fan-tom Stagehand (Balance) – 9,960hp
  • No cheats recorded


Battle 3: MacDeath

  • MacDeath – 12,000hp Death Shadow Boss
  • Summons random minion of the following: 
    • MacStorm Understudy
    • MacLife Understudy
    • MacDeath Understudy
  • Casts a 100% resist aura on round 1 – casts an aura that is -10% less every time he takes damage, or bring your Shadow Shrike!
  • Casts Doom & Gloom if an aura is cast or a wizard/pet heals.
  • Both the boss and minions are available through Monstrology!


Are you looking forward to obtaining this brand new bundle?
Don’t wait any longer and head to Walmart right now!

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