Time to Think About My Branding

Howdy, howdy! Its been a while since I tossed out a rant and I’ve had alot running through my mind lately so I thought it was about time. Earlier today I had something make me start thinking about my branding over the years ( … o.O … ) for a few hours ( … -_- … ) while I struggled to recall the details of logos and other branding choices made over the last 20 years. I’ll explain the reason later if I remember but for now I just want to stroll down memory lane and mention the things that *I* think are important when it comes to branding and the choices I made back then.

I started working on my online presence and personal branding while planning Y2K parties with friends and enjoying all the top of the line content GeoCities had to offer! Yea, yea, that said you should be able to realize 90% of where this post is headed and realize the other 10% don’t matter, back then it wasn’t really branding as much as it was signing up on sites you were interested in with your desired username. Usernames where simple real dictionary words that we liked or felt strongly attached to at first but as more people embraced the internet it was getting difficult and to have the username we wanted we were having to added extra words and/or numbers. Because of this the majority of people weren’t consistent across all of the world wide web and used whatever they felt like at the moment but some of us started seeing it as branding at that point and realized we needed to be consistent if we wanted to be known and credited for our contributions to online society.

It took me a few years to get from “Chaos” to “gWorldz” and I really don’t want to go into why I made the choices I made but I think I should at least drop all the usernames and images I have associated with my brand over the years. I’ll start with usernames in as close to correct order as I can recall …

  • (1996) Chaos
  • (1998) Doc
  • (2001) DocSoft
  • (2002) Doc Chaos
  • (2004) ChaosX
  • (2005) ChaosXtreme
  • (2005) ~cXc~
  • (2006) ChaosXtaC
  • (2006) ~cXc~ Designs
  • (2006) ~cXc~ Network
  • (2008) gWorldz
  • (2009) Doc gWorldz

… there were several other usernames I went by over the years but not really any I can associate with my current branding or online persona o.O

The earliest images associated with me are my custom emoticons I have no intention of ever digging out for ridicule, Doc, ~cXc~ logos and eventually the gJester and gWorldz logos but my branding was always more for me and my fun than for anything else. I could dig out allot of the early stuff and show you but meh, thats stuff is mostly hideous and I often feel its proof I didn’t know what I was doing more over than anything constructive to show I had soem skills. I do want to gloss over some of my favorite branding related images and what survived over the years but keep in mind what you coudl get away with 15-20 years ago is very different than today and I wouldn’t consider anything from the 2000’s a smart choice for branding o.O

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That more or less sums it up from “DocSoft” to “Doc gWorldz” with “~cXc~” tucked in the middle and all that really embarassing stuff lost to the interwebs thanks ~cXc~ Network crashes and failed hard drives over the years … sometimes I am happy about this other times I feel devastated to have lost all my source material. Thing is most of my good work was done at request from others and source went with the project so if they want things changed all they need to do is produce the files or do it themselves πŸ˜›

So, I bet you wondering why the hell all this ancient history was drug up and why it was so important for me to actually postaΒ  TL;DR rant about my branding that I don’t actually push, well … I needed to make a round avatar for a website I’ve been looking into and I didn’t have any besides matrix emoji’s I stopped using years ago so I went looking for source files … o.O … that I no longer have! I searched for bits and pieces for hours yesterday and thought I was going to have to redesign everything that I couldn’t remember what fonts I used what styles and effects I used to create my logos and no longer had any of eth source images :'(

I was fine with needing to source new images and pick new colors since the ones I currently use came from almost a decade ago but forgetting fonts I had personally began associating with my … well o.O … self I realized branding choices I made years ago had mattered immensely to have not been changed at all in over a decade! I spent 6 hours staring at fonts on DaFont.com with “gWorldZ GWORLDZ gWORLDZ” typed into the text entry hoping I could find it or another font I could use for future logos. In the end I installed hundreds of fonts but wasn’t finding what I needed or what I had began searching for in the first place but I was able to recall the fonts I used for my “~cXc~” logos so I made sure I grabbed Black Chancery for the “~c”s and Dirty Bakers Dozen for the “X” before spending another 2 hours searching before giving and logging in over here to post this rant. Today seemed like a total loss until I started writing and thinking back to recall the bits and pieces of my brand history and suddenly it hit me, the reason I was having so much trouble was because I didn’t use photoshop back then and the logo tools I used where GIMP’d and by the time I had tossed 2 words into google search I had already figured it all out and was downloading Husky Stash from DaFont.com πŸ˜‰

Back when I started doing digital design I was doing it with Paint Shop Pro and GIMP plugin called “Flaming Text”Β it may be ancient but you can still get custom logos from them online or grab the plugin which thankfully was just enough to trigger my brains lovely “recall it all … o.O … eventually” feature I had feared was completely broken. I still can’t remember the colors needed for the styles and effects but at least I was able to get the majority of it sorted to within acceptable parameters. Sorting colors is easy since I do have finished images and I know I retired Green and Black in teh early 2000’s but thats for another day, brain goes to mush when you go through what I’ve been dealing with for the last 16-18 hours πŸ˜›

This is what all the effort was for πŸ˜‰


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