Linus Tech Tips: Is Gaming on Windows DEAD?? – WAN Show August 24, 2018

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Timestamps courtesy of Jesse Ferguson

0:03 – WAN Show won’t be exclusively streamed on Twitch.
3:57 – Discussion of Floatplane
8:50 – Rundown on Topics
9:17 – Intro
9:35 – Linus vs. Austin Evans?
11:30 – Discussion of Logan Paul vs. KSI
13:39 – Upcoming DeepSpar video on LTT
16:45 – Preorder of 9th Gen Intel CPUs appears on a Dutch website
22:55 – Nvidia GeForce RTX cards released
34:58 – Sponsor: Shade Tree Glasses
36:35 – Sponsor: Madrinas Coffee
37:40 – Sponsor: Savage Jerky
39:55 – Studio Lights go out
42:27 – Russian arms manufacturer Kalashnikov takes on Electric Cars
47:56 – Steam releases a new application for Linux to improve Windows Game compatibility
51:21 – Who should Linus fight?
53:37 – Outro

Timestamps courtesy of JJMC89.

00:16:50 – Intel 9th gen chips available for preorder on Dutch site
00:23:11 – NVIDIA GeForce RTX
00:35:03 – Sponsor: Shade Tree
00:36:40 – Sponsor: Madrinas Coffee
00:37:45 – Sponsor: Savage Jerky
00:42:37 – Kalashnikov CV-1
00:48:00 – Steam for Linux: new version of Steam Play

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