Crafts & DIY

This section is for do it yourself handcrafts and tutorials that utilize various skills. many of these posts overlap into other categories but deserve a section just for them

Nerdforge: Making THE TOME OF FIRE – EPIC Leatherbound Book

Another Nerdforge book binding tutorial! Link: Get your first audiobook free when you try Audible for 30 days! Visit or text “nerdforge” to 500 500! Today we’re bookbinding the Tome of Fire in red leather, the first of…
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Nerdforge: Binding a MYSTICAL Handmade GRIMOIRE / Book of Shadows!

Just some more book binding from Nerdforge! Link: Today we’re bookbinding a mystical leatherbound grimoire! Patreon: PARTS USED: – Real leather, black sheepskin leather 0.4mm thick – 96 sheets A3 sized sketchbook paper (110 gsm) – 2 sheets…
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Nerdforge: Making a HEAVY Spellbook with REAL Leather!

Nerdforge teaches us how to make our own tomes! Link: Today we’re bookbinding an epic leatherbound spellbook! Patreon: Sewing headbands by BookbindersChronicle:… MUSIC: EpidemicSound PARTS USED: – Real leather (preferrably 0.5 mm thick or less – in…
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