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ETA PRIME: Flydigi Apex Wireless Controller Review – Awesome Top Mount Android Controller

ETA PRIME has published a new video on Youtube! Link: The Flydigi Apex wireless controller is a great android or IOS top mount solution for mobile gaming, be it Games that already support controllers like Minecraft and Fortnite or…
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ETA PRIME: Citra MMJ For Android – 3DS On Android Snapdragon 855 Quick Test Red Magic 3

ETA PRIME has published a new video on Youtube! Link: THIS VIDEO IS FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY! The New City MMJ Build for Android is coming along really nicely It won’t be long before we have full Speed 3DS…
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Hearthstone: Tombs of Terror Cinematic Trailer | Hearthstone

Blizzard has published a new Hearthstone! Link: Ready your whips, wands, and dino-saddles – it’s time to save Uldum! Fight against E.V.I.L. with Reno, Elise, Finley and Brann as they strive to squash world-threatening plagues and extinguish Rafaam’s villainous…
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