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ExplainingComputers: Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+

Check out this new video by ExplainingComputers! Link: youtu.be/b_vYnq1UfPQ Raspberry Pi 3 A+ single board computer specification and review, including a demo running the November 2018 version of Raspbian. The Raspberry Pi MotionEye OS video I mention is here: ExplainingComputers…
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wermy: Pocket Pi FE Build Guide; Raspberry Pi Zero handheld in a Game Boy Pocket!

Check out this new video by wermy! Link: youtu.be/NvSEcGcppqc LINKS AND GIVEAWAY AND STUFF HERE: ift.tt/2DwlO1N Follow what I’m up to between videos on Instagram! ift.tt/2nVFaF0 Want to help support future projects? Buy me a coffee! ift.tt/2o1ShU4 See what other…
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ExplainingComputers: NanoPi NEO4: Tiny RK3399 SBC

Check out this new video by ExplainingComputers! Link: youtu.be/hD1JmjpP7I8 NanoPi NEO4 SBC review and demo, including running Lubuntu and FriendlyELEC, installation and operation of Kodi media player, a quick test of OpenMediaVault, and fitting an extra USB port. The NanoPi…
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