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ExplainingComputers: LattePanda Alpha: Screen, Case & Streaming Cable

Check out this new video by ExplainingComputers! Link: youtu.be/E2xprXqC1pM LattePanda Alpha eDP touch display, Titan case and streaming cable review, including Ubuntu demo using NoMachine to access the LattePanda Alpha running Windows 10 via the streaming cable. The products featured…
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ETA PRIME: Manjaro Arm Is Awesome! OS Overview and Install Guide – Raspberry Pi ODROID Pine64 Radxa

ETA PRIME has published a new video on Youtube! Link: youtu.be/76ZjYUFEYJY Manjaro Arm is one of the best-operating systems for single board computers like the Raspberry Pi 3 4, ODROID N2, Rockpro64 that I’ve ever used and in this video,…
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