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TechLinked: Halo on Nintendo Switch!?

Check out this new TechLinked video! Link: youtu.be/MmOpzbBsr8E Head to ift.tt/2CATviY and activate Honey for free to start saving today! Thanks to Honey for sponsoring this video. GET MERCH: www.LTTStore.com Twitter: twitter.com/TechLinkedYT Instagram: ift.tt/2jK6wvh Facebook: ift.tt/2FXwiEN NEWS SOURCES: IT’S THE…
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Philip DeFranco: Why Colleen Ballinger & Top Youtubers Are Freaking Out, Zion Nike Controversy, & More

Philip DeFranco has published a new PDS video! Link: youtu.be/HVbXTUCnhIY So I saved the BIG SHOW for last! Today’s show is sponsored by Aaptiv.com/Phil Get 50% off today! UPDATE: It appears that Youtube has confirmed that its “videos that include…
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Linus Tech Tips: The BIGGEST Event of the Year!

Check out this new Linus Tech Tips video! Link: youtu.be/axwkJBVw9V0 Get LTX 19 Featuring DreamHack (Sat Jul 27 – Sun Jul 28) Tickets Here: dh.je/ltx19 Learn more about LTX 2019: ift.tt/2GHL2IJ Learn more about DreamHack: dreamhack.com/ Volunteer Requests: goo.gl/forms/NjoMOYjwQENAYzot1 Exhibitor…
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Philip DeFranco: DISGUSTING! Jussie Smollett Arrested & Charged For MAGA Hoax & Terrifying Plot Uncovered

Philip DeFranco has published a new PDS video! Link: youtu.be/mdOXTSXE4Js Oh hi there. Let’s talk… Thanks SeatGeek for sponsoring the video! Get $20 off tix w/ code PHIL: SeatGeekPhil.com (Restrictions Apply) Watch This Morning’s News Deep Dive: youtu.be/MjMpQUmBIYo Watch Yesterday’s…
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Philip DeFranco: Exploitation OR Lifesaving?! The Controversy Around Disabled People Being Paid Pennies An Hour

Philip DeFranco has published a new PDS video! Link: youtu.be/MjMpQUmBIYo Support this content w/ a Paid subscription @ ift.tt/2pQjjkI Watch Yesterday’s PDS: youtu.be/apapojA4Si8 Watch The Previous Morning Deep Dive: youtu.be/m0FF7ta8Gq4 ———————————— Watch ALL the Morning Shows: www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHcsGizlfLMVTPwyQHClD_b9L5DQmLQSE ———————————— Follow Me…
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Nerdforge: Making THE TOME OF FIRE – EPIC Leatherbound Book

Another Nerdforge book binding tutorial! Link: youtu.be/kvs3mBQ8hak Get your first audiobook free when you try Audible for 30 days! Visit www.audible.com/nerdforge or text “nerdforge” to 500 500! Today we’re bookbinding the Tome of Fire in red leather, the first of…
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